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User Generated Content

User Generated Content (UGC)

What is UGC?

User Generated Content is a mechanism by which you as a user can produce a video content and send it us. If the video content complies with our policies it would get uploaded on our portal and you will get a revenue share.


  1. UGC content should harmonize with the content theme of VisionFlix which means it should be social, cultural, religious content and not purposeless entertainment.
  2. The content should not be uploaded on any free video portals and accessible to public as free content
  3. The content should not use any copyright material
  4. The content should be within religious guidelines and not carry any unethical content.
  5. VF has the rights to reject the content without providing any reason.


Production UGC

  1. For content which is not yet produced, you have to provide us a story summary.
  2. We will revert back with the story approval within two weeks and also provide our detailed guidelines of Do’s and Don’ts. There would also be some questions raised during this process.
  3. This will then go to Final Production agreement after which you can start your production. The Final production agreement means if you produce the movie as per the agreement, we guarantee the release of the movie and marketing it.
  4. Once the movie is produced, it will be reviewed by our content team and would go through various quality and content reviews. The review process can take minimum 15 days.
  5. We generally do not provide any funding for production but on certain specific cases considering the richness of content and proposed plan it can be considered.

Go Live UGC

  1. This applies when you have a content ready but not uploaded on Free video portals.
  2. You have to submit your content video with a watermark (preferably) to protect content privacy
  3. Our content team will review the content and if found suitable we will provide you with the agreement for uploading the content.
  4. VF has non challengeable rights to discard the content without providing any reasoning

Marketing and Promotion

  1. VF will promote the content through their own channels which are generally free promotion channels on social media.
  2. Any paid marketing campaign has to be managed by the producer or we can propose the commercials.


  1. All UGC contents are posted on Pay on Demand model.
  2. There is a revenue share of 50% Gross that is provided to the Content Provider for every purchase. The Gross calculations means from the sale price listed on our portal for the movie, the producer is paid 50% without any taxes or charges deductions.
  3. The 50% share is on promotion basis now and can change in future without any further notice.