Vision Flix




Vision Flix is a social project whereby we are producing Social Movies. We are also in partnership with certain religious, cultural and charitable TV Channels which release the movies on Satellite broadcast. We do not take any funding from these sources.

In order to produce more content we need financial support. This is the reason we have started Vision Flix. The subscription and Pay per view revenue still does not fulfills the needs we have for content production. We have plans to present various forms of religious, social and cultural issues, teachings, awareness related content in interesting movie format and also would move towards Infographics and 3D Animation.

How can you cooperate with us?

Subscribe and Promote

The least you can do support us it so subscribe to our services and promote it globally. As our content are generally non-sectarian, promoting human values it is applicable to a wide audience of various religions and culture. We also have an option at the time of subscription to Donate additional amounts which is used for supporting production

Funding Production

You can fund our production. We can present to you the different movie themes in the pipeline and you can select the one(s) you are interested to fund and we can send you the estimate for that. 

You can Donate from this link right now and fund in generic manner also for all upcoming movies.

Sponsored Production

With sponsored production we have two mechanisms:

  1. Advertisement based sponsorship: The movie which anyone watches will have your advertisement in the beginning of the movie. (Ad length should not exceed 30 secs). It is a CPM model but our CPM is based on 100 views and we charge premium rates)


  1. Sponsored Movie: We will use your product inside the movie and it will be promoted indirectly in the movie. As an example if you are producing soft drinks, we will show your brand soft drinks in use or in the background somewhere.


Media Services

VisionFlix is part of a registered media production house and we also produce ethical Advertisements. Considering religious limits we do not product any advertisements for non-ethical products and neither our advertisement themes are such. We provide full end to end advertisement from theme, scripting, story board, casting, audio recording, editing, final production and even promotion. If you have any products, services for which if you want to produce video or info graphics advertisement you can avail our services. The cost of our Video production is very economical and is well suited for those who want to promote their products on You Tube and Internet.

With Digital Marketing Services also in house with us, we can assist you in running campaigns as well.

You can take a tour of some of our sample Advertisements Portfolio 

We can produce video advertisements for you for starting from as low as $350. By providing us this work it is also a form of cooperation.