Vision Flix

About Us

What is VisionFlix?

VisionFlix is a video on demand portal with a collection of copyright videos made by our affiliated production houses. The content presented on VisionFlix are ethical, based on human values, demonstrating divine etiquettes; addressing social and cultural issues in our both Eastern and Western societies. VisionFlix content are unbiased, non-prejudicial and addressed to entire humanity though it might be representing the views and vision of a divine religion. We are a family portal and we refrain from presenting any content that is illicit, socially non-suitable or having any form of sexual, seductive content. Thus you can watch everything with your entire family on a Sofa, give access to your children and be at peace. We aim to create a valuable platform rather than a dumping ground of User Generated control. We filter all the content on the basis of it visuals and also on the message delivered in the video. 

What is the source of our content?

VisionFlix uses only selected content from specific production houses which complies with our content policy requirements. We do not present any free internet content and neither do we publish any content presented anywhere except for certain Satellite TV Channels who give us the rights to present their content on the internet media. VisionFlix has a full professional in house media production house which produces our own content from scripting to shooting to publishing. 

Who finances our productions?

We are self-financed by selected individuals who consider is their divine and social responsibility to present a clean, message oriented, educative and self-development video content platform specifically for our young generation. We have limited financing hence limited production work is done. We look forward for your support to help us produce more content and make VisionFlix as an unlimited source for visionary content. We request you to promote this platform and get more subscriptions to support us to produce more. We have also placed an option for Production contribution for those who want to support the production beyond subscriptions.

Why is our content not free?

Free content has no value or it only carries commercial value for advertisers and owners of free content portal. The content of VisionFlix is highly valuable in context to the humanity messages which our content delivers. Hence we cannot devaluate our content by making it free. We are different in content, hence we have presented ourselves differently. The second reason for the content not being free is to generate funds to finance our further productions. We do not extract any funds from our earnings for paying salaries to our staff or running our personal expenses. All the funds generation we do from VisionFlix is only to increase our production thus producing regular content for you. 

Why do we have different subscription prices by region?

Human value content should have everything with justice. Our pricing for the Asian subcontinent countries is low consider the affordability factor which is lower as compared to the Western regions. For those who can afford to pay more anywhere, we have kept a contribution top up for those who can afford and have willingness to contribute more. 

Do we have parental control?

We don’t need it, so we don’t have it as all our content is family rated. You can refer to our help section in support to get more information. 

Do we support User Generated Content (UGC)?

We do support UGC but with strict control policies. Refer to our UGC section for detailed information on this and you comply with our policies your content can be published.

Is there any free content?

We do not provide any free content, but we have made a very low subscription Basic plan which can be availed by anyone and it has limited content. You can find more details on the various plans on the Support section and on the subscription page. 

Can our content be downloaded and re used?

It is strictly not permitted to reuse our content and is part of our license agreement when you subscribe. The content is only personal to you and cannot be shared, reused by anyone. All the content has copyrights from the producers and the producers can take legal actions on any reuse of the content. 

How can you support us?

We have provided detailed information in “Cooperation” Section on this